Emilio Schargorodsky

Emilio Schardgorodsky filmandoEmilio Schargorodsky (Buenos Aires, 1974 ) has the argentine and swedish nationalities. Photographer
and film director, he is great-grandson of Sergéi Einsenstein (Potemkin Battleship) and lives in Málaga,

His work is notable for its sophisticated audiovisual language and his eagerness to be close to perfection.
He takes a great deal of care over his work paying specially attention to the sound and music of his films.
He is also researching into narrative in editing and mounting.

After a long professional career behind film cameras, Drácula 0.9 is his first dramatic feature film and has
got very good reviews. The critics are full of praise for the film that was screened in many International
Film Festivals. This places Emilio as a film director of international renown.
Drácula 0.9 was described by Jess Franco as “a wonderful, highly refined and excellent film. One of the
best films done in Spain in many years.”

Emilio graduated as Specialist in Photographic Image and began his career as freelance photographer
at the age of 16 years. He evolved very quickly and soon started to work for different and big firms as
Unicaja, Málaga Basketball Club, G2 Productions and many advertising agencies.


Rodando una escena Dracula 0.9



1993 he joined the film crew of Pedro Temboury’s first short film, taking part in his following works,
both short and feature films, as still photographer first and in charge of production later.

1996 he began to work with Jess Franco in the professional film branch. He was still photographer in 5
films: Tender Flesh (1996), Mary Cookie (1998), Lust for Frankenstein (1998), Dr. Wong’s Virtual Hell
(1999) and Vampire Blues (1999).

He advanced rapidly and promoted to Director of Photography as well as Production Manager in ten
more films: Broken Dolls (1999), Red Silk (1999), Helter Skelter (2000), Blind Target (2000), Vampire
Junction (2001), Incubus (2002), Killer Barbys vs. Dracula (2003), Flores de la Pasión (2005), Flores de
Perversión (2005) and Snakewoman (2005).

This way Emilio becomes right-hand man and close friend to Jess Franco making the most of Franco’s
knowledge and experience in filming more than 200 films, some times with great directors as Orson
Welles, Robert Siodmak, Juan Antonio Bardem and Luis García Berlanga.

2000 Emilio starts as film director with 33B7, an experimental and bizarre short film related to martial
2003 is the time for his first videoclip Reyes del Horrorcore, done for Hablando en Plata and also for his
first commercial spot Soloptical, done for Bypass Agency.


Grabacion BSO Dracula 0.9

Up to now Emilio made more than 20 commercial spots for Soloptical, Telerosa, Unicaja, Active
Management, Safamotor, Bypass, Ruina Nueva, Hablando en Plata, Sicario, Triple XXX, Gordo Master,
Soundlovers, Jefe de la M, El Niño (MC), Keyo, Sindrome Underground Rapband, Sebastian Caldas, Jose
D’Aragon, Philarmonich Orchestra of Málaga.

2007 Emilio got the award to the best spot of the VI Certamen de la Diputación de Málaga and 2008 was
nominated for best videoclip in Casandra Awards for Todo está Bien, Ruina Nueva.

Orquesta Sinfonica de Malaga